Asset Management


Individuals and families depend on their assets as a financial resource for specific goals and unforeseen circumstances. However, not everyone has the time to monitor and manage those assets. Even if you do have the time, you might not have the skills and patience to do so. When not managing your assets prudently, you could leave them exposed to excess taxes, undue risk, extreme and inappropriate volatility, and even erosion or depletion and not be available to you when needed. Strategically developed asset management strategies significantly increase the likelihood that you will achieve your goals and dreams.


  • Determining your objectives: Not everyone has the same financial objectives as they embark upon accumulating their wealth. To manage your assets prudently, we first need to understand what your goals are for initially accumulating and subsequently using those assets.
  • Developing an optimal asset allocation: An appropriate asset allocation strategy considers multiple factors, like coordinating multiple time horizon requirements and risk profile attributes. We will develop and implement a strategic asset allocation plan (SAAP) and tactical asset allocation plan (TAAP).
  • Building your portfolio: Today, thanks to DIY-investing, anyone can create a discount brokerage account and start buying assets and / or engaging in frequent trading strategies. However, that’s not the most effective way to create long-term wealth. Utilizing an appropriate asset allocation plan, we’ll build a portfolio of investments (Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Alternate investments, and Separate Account Managers) that follow a disciplined strategy and with consideration of other aggregate assets to best achieve your financial goals.
  • Managing and monitoring the portfolio: Unless you have the time and patience to dedicate to portfolio management, it can’t be done effectively for the long term. We know you have other things to do – such as living your life, so we’ll watch over the portfolio for you, keeping your personal goals and objectives in mind as changes with personal and economic factors present situations prompting appropriate portfolio adjustments.
  • Managing risk: Our Asset Management strategy includes appropriate risk mitigation, implementing prudent actions to identify and take actions to manage relative portfolio risk.
  • Reviewing and updating the strategy: Our Asset Management service is based on open communication and collaboration with our clients. This partnership between us promotes the opportunity to keep your strategic plans up to date with your unique circumstances.